6th Grade Spanish

Sign of the Cross

Sign of the Cross


*Hispanic Countries/maps
Numbers 0-30
Days of the Week


Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela


I have dedicated my entire thirty-four year career to teaching in Catholic education. I taught thirteen years at Our Lady of Fatima in the Diocese of Brooklyn, five years at St. Agatha in the Diocese of Columbus, and currently fifteen years in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, two years at St. Edward the Confessor and thirteen years here at St. William the Abbot.

As my wife and I were raised in the Catholic school system, we understand its importance and provided that same foundation for our three sons. Collectively we are or have been leaders of song, choir members, and altar servers. Catholic education has given all of us the foundation on which to build our lives. It is this foundation that carries over into my teaching and I am proud to tell people I am a Catholic school teacher.

Curriculum Overview

In grade six, students continue their introduction to Spanish. The curriculum focuses on basic vocabulary which is developed and reinforced through an online program, teacher-generated PowerPoints, projects and performance tasks. The students will develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. At the same time, the students will gain an appreciation of cultural diversity of various Hispanic cultures from around the world. The students will review the basic curriculum introduced in grade five such as the Spanish alphabet, greetings, numbers from 1-30, days of the week, seasons, colors. New vocabulary and concepts such as asking information, expressing likes and dislikes, describing objects, professions, family, numbers up to 100 and telling time will be explored this year. Finally, the students will be introduced to grammar and usage. They will explore nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives and prepositions. The students are evaluated through class work, homework, projects and performance tasks. There are no tests in grade 6. 


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