Algebra I
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 Algebra I Classes begin at 7:15AM in Room 17

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Week of - October 22nd - 26th

Monday, October 22, 2018
Module 3 Modeling using a function graph
Text page 141
HW: page 145-147

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

y, October 24,

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Summative Assessment
Review Outline Sheets from Friday 10/19
Friday,  October 26, 2018

No School
Teacher's Professional Day 
at St. John the Baptist HS

Algebra I  Curriculum

Units of Study Covered:

The Elements of Algebra - 
Writing and Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities - 
Graphing Linear Equations and Functions - 
Inequalities, Absolute Value, Piece-wise Functions and Step Functions - 
System of Linear Equations and Inequalities - 
Operations with Polynomials - 
Special Products and Factoring  - 

Quadratic Equations and Functions - 
Exponents and Exponential Functions - 
Interpreting Quantitative and Categorical Data - 

Assessments and values:

Tests (35)     Performance Tasks/Projects (35)              Classwork (15)     Quizzes (10)     Homework (5)


Homework will be assigned on a daily basis to reinforce material covered in class. 

Your child will receive a homework grade based on homework completed during a one-month period. The student’s grade begins with an “4” and for each missing homework, one grade is subtracted from that “4”. Homework is checked and corrected every day. A homework detention is given when 3 homework's are missing in any subject in the same marking period by any teacher

Summative and Formative Assessments:

Formative assessments will be given during a unit of study to see where each student is as we progress through a unit.  Summative assessments will be given at the conclusion of a unit.  Students will be given a continual review of the unit will always be given well in advance of an assessment and the students will always be well prepared. Ongoing review of concepts is a must, and not the night before.


Trimesters are given once per trimester and are a cumulative assessment of that trimester’s work. A very comprehensive review is always given.

Regents Exam: ALL students in this class will be administered the NYS Regents Algebra I Examination in June 2019 -  Holy Trinity Diocesan High School

Projects and Performance Tasks (PT’s):

There will be one major project and at least one performance task per Unit of Study.

Extra Help: This year, extra help will be on Mondays and Wednesdays during lunch time. Students must make an appointment to come for extra help.

Teacher Availability:

I am at St. William Monday through Friday. I can be reached by leaving a telephone message with the school office. You may also reach me at