8th Grade Physical Science

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Dear Grade 8 Parents,
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Our school # is 21258

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Mrs. Frank and Miss Laboy

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Our School Theme:

Exercise Your Faith-Walk With Jesus!

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Mrs. Susan Frank

Physical Science

Chemical Lab Flasks.png

Welcome to 8th grade Physical Science

 This year we will be learning about the physical sciences which include physics and chemistry.  We will be learning about many exciting topics and making some fun projects like the K'Nex roller coasters.

During our first trimester we will be learning about Motion, Force, and Energy.  We will apply this knowledge to learn how roller coasters work.  We will also create a power point presentation on roller coasters for our first research project. 

Image result for roller coaster

Extra help is on Wednesdays at lunchtime by request.

Our units of study this year are:
Unit  1- Motion, Forces and Energy
Unit 2- Wave Motion, Sound and Light
Unit 3- Chemical Building Blocks
Unit 4- Chemistry in Action


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