7th Grade Spanish

Ejercita su fe, camina con Jesús!

Ejercita su fe, camina con Jesús


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela


I have dedicated my entire thirty-four year career to teaching in Catholic education. I taught thirteen years at Our Lady of Fatima in the Diocese of Brooklyn, five years at St. Agatha in the Diocese of Columbus, and over fifteen years in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. 

As my wife and I were raised in the Catholic school system, we understand its importance and provided that same foundation for our three sons. Collectively we are or have been leaders of song, choir members, and altar servers. Catholic education has given all of us the foundation on which to build our lives. It is this foundation that carries over into my teaching and I am proud to tell people I am a Catholic school teacher.

   Spanish Course Outline   

The students’ formal Spanish program begins in grade seven. Following the New York State Standards and Diocesan guidelines, the students will begin with a review of important vocabulary and lessons from grades five and six such as greetings, colors, numbers, days of the week, months, etc. The students then move on to parts of speech and grammar such as articles, adjectives, nouns, and verbs. By the end of the first trimester, the students will have mastered two verbs, ser and tener.  Throughout the remaining two trimesters, they will learn all of the three verb families in the present tense along with a large amount of vocabulary. By the end of seventh grade, the students will be able to read and comprehend simple stories. They will also be able to have basic conversations and construct sentences. Finally, the students will gain an appreciation for various Hispanic cultures and their customs and holidays from around the world. The students are evaluated through tests, projects, performance tasks, class work, quizzes, and homework. 

Books:  ¡Así se dice!- textbook and workbook, English/Spanish dictionary (not a pocket type)

Additional Materials: Marble notebook, a two pocket folder and index cards.

Spanish is a MAJOR subject and not a “special”.

Spanish Curriculum Areas Covered:

Grammar, usage, mechanics, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, written and spoken conversation, and cultures and traditions of various Hispanic communities

Assessments and values:

Tests     Performance Tasks/Projects   Classwork   Quizzes      Homework


Homework will be assigned on a daily basis to reinforce material covered in class. Homework will vary daily, for example: defining vocabulary words, writing sentences, or workbook pages. Homework is expected to be completed on time. Most important: if there is no written homework, students are expected to study vocabulary, grammar etc. for at least 15 minutes. 

Your child will receive a homework grade based on homework completed during a one-month period. The student’s grade begins with an “4” and for each missing homework, one grade is subtracted from that “4”. Homework is checked and corrected every day. A homework detention is given when 3 homeworks are missing in any subject in the same marking period by any teacher

Tests and Quizzes:

Tests and quizzes will be given for every chapter. A quiz will survey a new concept or vocabulary and a test will be a total assessment of the entire chapter. A review of the chapter will always be given well in advance of a test and the students will always be well prepared. Studying is a must, and not the night before.

Class Work:

Class Work grade is based on the following on a monthly basis:
Participation, recitation, readiness/being prepared, volunteering, and behavior. 


Trimesters are given once per trimester and are a cumulative assessment of that trimester’s work. A very comprehensive review is always given.

Projects and Performance Tasks (PT’s):

There will be one major project and at least one performance task per trimester. Most of them are done in school.

Spanish Honor Society: This honor is for those students who in grade 7 received a “4” in every trimester on their assessment card in Spanish AND an “excellent” in conduct. Student must maintain 4's throughout all of grade 8 as well. 

Spanish Pin: Spanish pin is given to those students at class night who have attained a 4 in every trimester during grade 8. Conduct grade must also be excellent. 

Extra Help: This year, extra help will be on Mondays during lunch time. Students must make an appointment no later than Thursday and come with questions.

Teacher Availability:

I am at St. William Monday through Friday. I can be reached by leaving a telephone message with the school office. You may also reach me at abuzzi5651@stwilliamtheabbot.net. I will get back to you as soon as possible.