7th Grade Life Science

Trimester 3 Exam
Chapter 11 Skeletal System, Muscles and Skin
Chapter 12 Digestion, Excretion, Circulation, Respiration

55 Questions- 33 multiple choice, 7 True/False
15 labeling systems of the body
You must be able to label the Heart, Digestive and Respiratory systems

Study all old test papers, quizzes, end of chapter review questions, worksheets, and google classroom worksheets and quizlets

              Mrs. Susan Frank
                  Life Science

Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science

This year we will be learning about living things.

All living things are precious and created by God.  We need to be good stewards of our world.

Our Units of study are:

1. Cells and Heredity
2. Monerans, Protists,Fungi, and Plants
3. Human Biology and Health
4. Ecology

During the third trimester, we will be studying the human body.  We will explore all the systems of the body and finally get to meet Marvin, our class model. By the end of the year, the students will be able to take Marvin apart and put him back together explaining all his organs and their functions.

 How will you dare to be a saint today?
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