Mrs. Diodati's Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Kindergarten!!


Dear K-1 Families,

We made it! We completed our first full week of kindergarten! I think I can speak for everyone..."Hello Weekend!" 

 We kicked off our week with ABC Bootcamp! We will be learning a letter and its sound each day for the next 26 days. We brainstorm and think of as many words as we can that start with that sound. We make funny headbands and do actual bootcamp exercises too! It is a great way to start our day! 

The beginning of Kindergarten is a very important time to learn the routines and procedures we will use all year. This will help the children to be independent. We also set a guideline of rules for our classroom to help us understand what is expected of each other. I find that children do much better getting acclimated when they know what to expect. As I watched the children this week, I felt such happiness and pride in their confidence and eagerness to want to learn new things! Thank you for preparing them so well.

 The class enjoyed our read aloud this week, Chick, Chicka, Boom, Boom. We introduced comprehension strategies such as predicting, retelling and making text to self connections. The class enjoyed a Fun Friday snack and we even did our first science experiment... Do Coconuts Sink or Float? to tie in with our read aloud. This week we will be enjoying our read aloud, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. We will continue to work on our predicting and retelling strategies.
In Math we are focusing on numbers 1-5. We are counting and writing these numbers. They had their first week of math homework. It is the last page of their work packet, please help them and send it back to school the next day. 
This week we will be introducing the routines of Writer's Workshop. The children will also share their covers of their writing journal with the class! Please send them in on Monday, September 17th, if you haven't already! In Social Studies we started our unit on Citizenship and being a good citizen. Additionally, we will be learning about our five senses in Science. There is so much fun and learning going on in K-1!

We are enjoying getting to know one another. As we become more comfortable, the kindergarten teachers will contact you to "check-in". We will let you know how your child is adjusting and we hope you will share any feedback you are receiving at home about school. In the meantime, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns! Don't forget to join our "new" class on the Remind App! I sent pictures on Friday of our "Fun Snack".

Mrs. Diodati