Miss Viteritti's Kindergarten Class

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Miss Viteritti's Kindergarten Class

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These are the digraph charts we use in class! They can be reviewed with your child and used for homework.



Specials Schedule 

Monday: Gym and Music
Tuesday: Library
Wednesday: Gym and Computer
Friday: Spanish

*On gym days please be sure to send your child in to school with their gym uniforms and sneakers.* 

The students have been participating in some STEM activities. This activity required them to build a hideout that would hide the Gingerbread man from the wolf! The students were given a set of supplies and together as a group they came up with a way to build a successful hideout.



Learning about polar bears was a lot of fun! We made a blubber bag in class to learn about how blubber keeps Arctic animals warm. The hand that was surrounded with a bag that had a layer of Crisco around it kept our hand warm in the ice cold water! 

blubber bag


We made snow using baking soda and hair conditioner! It was cold and wet just like the real thing.